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Nandan Nilekani's dream - how the national ID card will work  .........

: "Thank you for calling Pizza Hut . May I have your..."

 "Heloo, can I order.."

: "Can I have your multi purpose ID card number first, Sir?"

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Hmmm you would have seen the above video.  Yes everyone knows that each and everyone is a competitor.  Even Surf Excel is a competitor and Rin and tide?  But why Rin has specifically selected Tide? Any vengence?  Even some of the advertising before had too happened.  It is b...
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  1. I used to think that you were a pain in the neck. Now I have a much lower opinion of you.
  2. Don’t get lost in thought; you’d be in unfamiliar territory.
  3. Calling you stupid would be an insult to all the stupid people.
  4. The more I think about you, the less I think of you.
  5. I would ask you how old you are, but...
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Hi Folks,

Here are something that you can laugh and pass it around.

If Columbus had been married, he might never have discovered America because of the following questions he would have faced:-

Where are you going?

With whom?


How are you going?

To discover what?

Why you?

What do I do, when you are not h...

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       The Truman show is a very wonderful movie which was out in 1998.  The story of the movie is, Truman Brubank is selected for the TV show whose life will be on TV on live since his birth.  He doesn't know about this actually.  One day he came to know...

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There are some pictures taken from mobile after the rain when sun sneaks from the clouds.  Was so lovely and nice to watch.  Some of the images watch out here!







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Yep there are some wires are being cut down due to some problem.  I thought this would have been cleared within 2 to 3 days but it is around more than a month.  They haven't cleaned up.  Moreover, the school named "MGR Higher Secondary School" is there, what will happen i...

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Some thing that I cannot forget!

That is a tuesday(25th of August 2009) where I felt very brisk while getting up from the bed itself.  I thougt the day could go well and I would do better than I thought.  The following were happen on that day.  It was very surprising to me.  W...
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