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Its a true story happened to be in my street!

09.12.09 12:33 AM Comment(s) By Charu

Hmmm that was a Tuesday evening in my street around 10pm or so I found that some gentlemen were standing nearby my home and some policemen were joined with them.  I usually call my mom when something strange happens  where she would be curious to know about it.  And I was telling her that some people were standing in-front of the doctor's house and I do know that you will be curious to know what had happened and I would like to know after you came to know about this.  She was very much interested in it and went to know and she started investigating the information from the police.  She asked the policemen about the reason for visiting our street.

The immediate response from them was, there was an accident on Friday where this doctor's house's dog has come up to bite the person who was walking on this street when this dog was trying to do that, this person was afraid and that person fell on the bike and this(walking guy) person's right leg has got entirely damaged and the leg is now like a pendulum to his leg.  For that that reason, the victim has booked a case against this doctor and his dogs.  When this conversation was going on the police was making a note to my mom that there was robbery at one home who was trying to take the jewels around 6 sovereigns.  Immediately the persons from the same flat informed us and they immediately rushed up to the spot and saved the family from the theft.  The reason behind the theft is that the family has informed the Professional couriers that do not post the letters because they won't be available and they will be out of station for a certain days.  Using this as a right opportunity they persons has robbed it.

What a shame on this professional couriers people.

FYI: whenever you people are going out of station, please do not inform anyone that you are going here and there.  If anyone asks for it, just tell them that that is none of their business.  Even more worse is giving the key to someone who is well known to you.  Sometimes they even rob at your home.  Please be careful about your belongs.  I never say that don't believe anyone, but please be careful in whatever you do.


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