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Little one's small things!

07.07.17 11:19 PM Comment(s) By Charu

Hi, I know I have been away from blogging for a long time.  Im sure I will be regular on my own blogging world.  This Charu is back with full fledge.  My previous post with "back in blogging" was not possible due to the little one at home.  Many knows that how difficult for a parent to sit in front of a computer.  Even time matters. It always makes you happy when your little one makes you happy.  It is a pleasure for me as a parent.  And when my little Aditya showed his activity in his school, I was overwhelmed with his work.  When he does the work at home we know how he do it and we have been sitting along to see his full work.  When he does it outside from home and our eyes, especially when it comes out neat and even more it looks wonderful too we loved it.  We always appreciate it so that the little one will get encouraged and will do a lot more activity with enthu. Photos will be uploaded soon.   Thanks, Charu.
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