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Thot for the day - Understanding Feelings and emotions-4 nov 2009

04.11.09 09:25 PM Comment(s) By Charu

Understanding Feelings and Emotions

Neither love or happiness are emotions; actually, they are natural states of the self or soul.
They exist and emerge naturally from the human heart when the heart is free, clean and clear, i.e. when it is not attached to anyone or anything. 

Love takes many forms, from caring to comforting, from empathy to compassion, from acceptance to appreciation. As does happiness, whose deepest form is contentment. 

The ability to express and feel those forms of love and happiness is reduced by any emotional disturbance inside our minds. Unfortunately, we are somewhat confused as once again we have been taught to think that sadness is a form of love, excitement is a form of happiness, worry is a form of care and fear is a form of respect. 

The process of confusing ourselves and understanding 'the what' and 'the why' of our emotions requires time spent in practices such as meditation and self-reflection. Feelings and emotions cannot be understood through the words of others, only in the experience of oneself.


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