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In the next coming paragraphs im going to tell my experience about the south TN trip which made unforgettable memories.

Hmmm... the time was around 6.15pm when I start from office.  I thought it was too early to start from office to home.  But due to traffic and at last reached my area b...

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Oh yeah!

Kamala Hassan is very well known as a Universal Hero after the film Dasavatharam in Tamil in 2008.  Well, I am a die hard fan of him.  He started his career in the film debuted in the year 1960 in Kalathur Kannama.  He has become very famous by singing the song "Ammavum n...

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There are some moments which remains as an unforgettable one. The Roja movie the new during 1993 and Krishna the Mega serial.  In those days in 1993 I am talking about, wherein the middle class people has the television(TV) at their home is somewhat like they are called as an upper mid...
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