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Physiological benefits: 
1. It lowers oxygen consumption.
2. It decreases respiratory rate.
3. It increases blood flow and slows the heart rate.
4. Increases exercise tolerance.
5. Leads to a deeper level of physical relaxation.
6. Good for people with high blood pressure.
7. Reduc...

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  1. Why not me?
  2. Am I nice?
  3. Am I doing what I really want to do?
  4. What am I grateful for?
  5. What is missing in my life?
  6. Am I honest?
  7. Do I listen to others?
  8. Do I work hard?
  9. Do I help others?
  10. What do I need to change about myself?
  11. Have I hurt others?
  12. Do I complain?
  13. Whats next for me?
  14. Do I have have fun?
  15. Have I seized oppo...
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When without money, eat wild vegetables at home;
When have money, eat same wild vegetables in fine restaurant.

When without money, ride bicycle;
When have money, ride exercise machine.

When without money, wish to get married;
When have money, wish to get divorced.

When without money, wife becomes secre...

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Hi All,

Its been a long time that I have changed the styles for my blog and I have no idea what color to choose and what combination would best fit my blog.  Currently I am using two themes one is the blue that is used in http://charubhashini.com/ and the another one is green color wh...
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Paraprosdokian sentences = A figure of speech that uses an unexpected ending to a series or phrase.

The following sentences are supposed to be in a lighter vein, but many of them seem to be true!

  • I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for fo...
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Walking can add minutes to your life.
   This enables you at 85 years old
   to spend an additional 5 months in a nursing
   home at $7000 per month. 

   My grandpa started walking
    five miles a day when he was 60.
    Now he's 97 y...
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An Oxymoron is usually defined as a phrase in which two words of contradictory meaning are brought together:

01. Clearly Misunderstood
02. Exact Estimate
03. Small Crowd
04. Act Naturally
05. Found Missing
06. Fully Empty
07. Pretty Ugly
08. Seriously Funny
09. Only Choice
10. Original Copies

And, the Mother ...
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Actual call center conversations!

Customer:   'I've been calling 700-1000 for two days and can't get
through;can you help?'
Operator:    'Where did you get that number, sir?'
Customer:   'It's on the door of the business.'
Operator:    'Sir, those ...
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Since it is the perfect time for getting audited of their accounts for the year ended 31st March 2010 most of the companies has revealed their balance sheet.  When I was going through the paper The Economic times, I was found some interesting news that, most of the companies are getting into th...
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