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Do not buy Nokia 5610-d

26.06.09 10:35 PM Comment(s) By Charu

Hello People,

Please don't buy nokia 5610 model mobile.  It has a lot of issues like, display problem, hanging, once it hangs it will automatically get restarted, the music player won't work properly.  Its damn painful to use this mobile after one year.

Do not use this mobile after the warranty period.  This mobile will work within the warranty period only.  So kind advice is not to buy because I am facing this issue.

Do anyone face this issue with this mobile?  Kindly let me know about it.

Do anyone face the below issue?

In my mobile(nokia 5610) doesn't work properly.  The display is the main problem.  The display appears black and other things work fine.  Incoming of calls, out-going of calls etc are working fine.  Sometimes the display appears to be upside down.  Sounds idiotic.

Do you have the solution for this?  Kindly let me know about it.



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