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Fashionable degree names at the back of their names.

10.06.09 01:41 AM Comment(s) By Charu


Really Shocked after seeing this scene.

       Yes as I have some work at Shastri Bhavan I went there on Tuesday morning.  Though it was a long queue I have to wait there till 10.30am.  At that time I started hearing some voices like "Nee enna rowdy ah, thirudan ah" meaning are you rogue? are you a robber.  I looked back and saw some officials of Shastri Bhavan is beating like anything.

What is the root cause?

    The guy was around 35+ of age and was trying to go to the second floor for making a payment for the passport and asked for some enquiry.  The officials said, you are not supposed to go the 2nd floor unless and until you hold the passport application in hand.  So he asked where can I make a payment and when can I get into to make payment.  The immediate response was you are not supposed to get into the floor anymore and after few minutes he sat near the steps and was trying to enter the second floor and the officials started yelling at him and they started kicking with their legs, hands, and even they started beating like anything and that guy was literally bleeding and even they have cancelled the passport for him.

Too bad of these guys, for making payment won't they open a new counter at the Ground floor.  Don't they have mercy on people?

One more thing I found in Government offices, the public will be standing in a queue starts from 8am and the officials will be coming damn late like 10 or 11am or even late is quite enough to come I think.  And the working hours for them will be from 10am to 1pm.  Thats all :shock: .  Manam keta pozhapu.

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