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To the followers in twitter

21.06.09 05:10 AM Comment(s) By Charu

Hi there,

    I am Charu bhashini.  Let me want to tell you something for those who follow me in twitter.   I see many people following me.  I would like to say first thanks to them. 

For some people may arise a question, I am following this one, but why she is not following me?

The main reason is, I won't follow that much and I don't have the patience to watch what others are updating.

Another reason is... I know some people in twitter who gives a valuable updates in their account, ( for me: to gain some knowledge especially..) and moreover CEOs, Book writers, space shuttles, some of the updates in news that cannot be found in our local channel, technology updates, nytimes, zoho updates, google updates, any product release, some reuter updates, some funky updates and to share my thoughts by blogging.

And by the way I won't read everyone's updates too...

If you really want to interact with me can compose at charu@charubhashini.com .

My sincere apologies if it really hurts you people.


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