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What induces a person to make place dirty?

08.07.09 08:31 PM Comment(s) By Charu


Yeah, whenever I walk on the road or sitting in the bus, I see many people are litting all over.  I just keep wondering what made them to lit all over?

1.  There is no one to punish for liting all over.

2.  Though the places are already litted, there is no one can blame his/her.

3.  The government will not ask for any fine for this.

If a person has these three guts, then who will keep the city and place clean and tidy.

What will happen if the Government takes these decision?

1. People whoever lits will be fined a sum of Rs.500 per lit.

2. The person whoever urinates will be shot dead on the spot in the road.

3. Whoever lits, their hands will be cut off.

Pour in your ideas or the punishment can be awarded to these idiots.

Really worst these people are to be punished.  In other countries, even spitting of buggle gum is punishable under law while you were traveling on a train.  In India, this system has to be introduced then only these people will do all those stupid activities.


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