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Why do this partiality arises?

30.06.09 11:58 PM Comment(s) By Charu


I had a real experience in partiality, wherever I really really get hurt.

Why and where do this partiality arises?

     This usually arises for the people who is dominating.  The people who are getting affected is the sub-ordinates. 

Where this occurs?  There are three category of people in the world. One is person who know everything, the other one is supercilious and the last one is who doesn't know anything.  The people might take care of the person who knows everything and the person who doesn't know anything.  But the people like supercilious will not be taken care by anyone.  That is the biggest problem now a days.  The another thing is that I face is, though I am a supercilious, people think I know everything and they will not allow me to get in to their class to attend and even more.  Whenever I had the problem to ask any doubts or whatever they won't be answering my queries too.

Why this occurs?  That people think that this supercilious knows everything, they actually don't know that much - this is the thing that each and everyone should know about it.

So When will a supercilious learn then? 

   Out of my experience, though I am a supercilious, and out of curiosity I learned a lot of things from friends, read books, magazines, movies, cartoons, and you must have the passion to learn whatever you need.  This is the only resolution that you can do to improve yourself.   One more thing don't long for anything at somebody, that might hurt you sometimes(real experience speaks here!) :)


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